I saw something about a possible change in the legal drinking age in my part of the world. But is a legal drinking age really necessary?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think children should drink. They’re not mature enough to be responsible with alcohol.

But at the same time, a large proportion of people who are well above the legal drinking age clearly should not be allowed to drink for the exact same reason – they’re obviously not mature enough to be responsible with alcohol.

Here’s a thought: maybe parents should be allowed to decide if, when, where and how much their adolescents (not children) drink. And maybe one’s friends and relatives should be more empowered to determine whether or not an adult should drink.

But no! That just won’t do. For one thing, it would mean that the authorities would no longer have the power to regulate something. It would also mean acknowledging that parents, relatives and friends should be the ones who decide in such matters, rather than the authorities.

But there’s also this notion of being able to impose something across the board without any regard whatsoever to actual reality i.e. equally.

You see, having one single legally enforced drinking age means imposing equality on everyone, no matter how unequal they might be in terms of maturity and responsibility.

The idea is to treat everyone equally as if they actually were equal. Which of course is utter nonsense. But they’re working on it. Oh yes, they will eventually make us all equal. Whether we like it or not, everyone will be equal someday! (Or else!)