Dear Jews,

I know your true nature. I know where your souls come from. And I know that your souls are bound to return there.

Your true nature is evil. Your souls were forged in Hell. And to Hell your souls must someday return.

You are indeed the Chosen People, not of God, but of Satan. Indeed, Jesus was quite right when he declared that the Father of the Jews is in fact the Devil (John 8:44).

Hundreds of truly wise men over the past two millennia have seen clearly that the essence of the Jew is diabolical. And there are many good people with good minds still today who tell it like it is with respect to the truly diabolical nature of the Jews, even despite all of the “hate crime” legislation. Four such people that I might mention (among others) are Mike King of Tomato Bubble, Brother Nathanael, Andrew Anglin of Daily Stormer and Harold Covington of the Northwest Front.

The Jewish ideal is to subjugate everything that it can take control of, and to destroy everything else. All methods and means are considered acceptable. This is spelled out in no uncertain terms in everything from the Tanakh to the Talmud. This was the real reason for the two World Wars. And this will undoubtedly be the real reason for World War III.

Among many other things, the truly wicked Jewish soul has been stunningly evidenced by the most recent massacre of Palestinian children in Gaza for no good reason. Sorry, fake murders and feeble provocations by the Israeli puppet Hamas don’t count as good reasons. And speaking of Israeli puppets, what about those terrifying ISIS hordes, eh? Those staged beheadings almost look real!

This is not to mention the clear Jewish influence in various monstrous evils in the financial, economic, legal, political and religious realms. There’s also the direct Jewish involvement in spreading confusion, decadence and filth throughout the world through such things as art, music, poetry, movies, television, theatre and comedy. And the Jews have always been on the cutting edge when it comes to infesting society with evils such as multiculturalism, pornography, feminism and homosexuality. And let’s not forget the latest trend: transgenderism! Oh, how the Jews have enriched our lives!

There is no doubt that the Jews are truly gifted in terms of intelligence, cunning and resourceful. Unfortunately, these gifts have always been used for all the wrong reasons. The Jews seem to have an irrepressible obsession with using their special gifts not only to Jew everyone else, but also to work towards the defilement and eventual destruction of all that is truly beautiful, noble and holy. And this is why the Jews were expelled from countless countries throughout history by righteous rulers who still had the good sense to call a snake a snake.

I think you know, dear Jews, that your time is running short. You have in fact begun to lose control and you know it. Many people are waking up to your ways, even despite the distractions and decoys (Infowars). Of course, this won’t keep you from doing every evil thing that you intend to do, or at least trying. But if it really comes down to it, who knows what you might do? Perhaps that Samson Option might come into play. “Shut it down!”

In any case, the whole world (or whatever might be left of it) would be a much better place if the Jews would simply desist. In fact, the cessation of the Jews would mean nothing less than the salvation of the world and the liberation of all peoples.

Now there’s something to hope for!