The vast majority of people in this world are subject to a typically Christian dualistic mindset.

“You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists”, quoth the venerable George W. Bush.

It’s generally either up or down, right or left, conservative or liberal, hot or cold, white or black, good or bad. Any third option is usually out of the picture.

But the reality of it often is that one of the two options given is actually the middle option. I might also call it the average or moderate option. I could even call it the middling or mediocre option.

In fact, the dualistic Christian thinking that has so thoroughly infested this world aims to reduce everything to a conformist mediocrity. The bad or worse option is targeted as if it’s the only other possible option, while the truly good or better option is disregarded and forgotten altogether as if it doesn’t even exist. This leaves the mediocre option as the only acceptable option.

Sometimes though, both options are actually middling options. This is especially the case in politics.

If a truly better option can’t be disregarded, a clever trick called compromise is called into play. Compromise means cancelling out the better option with the worse option. And this is essentially the mechanism of the Hegelian dialectic (thesis – antithesis – synthesis).

This has to do with the evil desire to ultimately level everything into a spiritually flat-lined reality.

A few of us are still aware of that better third option though – that truly higher, nobler and holier option. And we’re not going to give it up.