In terms of their ideal natures, there are three types of people: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The Ugly are normal human beings, commonly referred to as the masses. In recent times, the masses have been dubbed “the 99%”, particularly by the Occupy movement. In fact, “the 99%” are really “the 98%” because the Good and the Bad each constitute 1%.

Both the Good and the Bad are intelligent, gifted individuals. The essential difference between them is the orientation of their ideals. Basically, the ideals of the Good are the spiritually higher ideals of Nietzsche’s “Übermensch”, ideals which are grounded in the Tradition expounded upon by Guénon and Evola. The ideals of the Bad, on the other hand, are the antithesis of the ideals of the Good. Their ideals aim to destroy and annihilate everything that has to do with Tradition.

The Bad are the 1% who rule this modern liberal democratic world. These consist of all of the evil élites who are actively pillaging, plundering and destroying the world, not so much physically but spiritually. Lothrop Stoddard (in “The Revolt against Civilization”) called these people “the Underman”.

As for the Good, these are the good élites who (as a group) built up and maintained all Traditional pre-modern civilizations. Unfortunately, over the past two centuries or so, the Good have been entirely forced into a state of oblivion by the Bad. Modern activists are completely ignorant of the existence of the Good 1% simply because the Good 1% have been eclipsed altogether by the Bad 1%. This is why modern activists only see “the 99%” and “the 1%”. Of course, this error is the foundation of the democratic belief that the masses should rule instead of the élites.

Everything in this world will only worsen spiritually – no matter how much things continue to increase physically – as long as the Bad remain in power. Only the Good would be able to restore the world spiritually. But only when things have spiritually worsened so much that they can’t worsen anymore will it be possible for the Good to arise again and to regain power. Until then, Evil must continue to rule to its utmost, for such is the very nature of this Evil Age that we live in.