The Travelling Holohoax Indoctrination Show

Hey! Look boys and girls! It’s the Travelling Holohoax Indoctrination Show! Yay!

This news story is about a mobile classroom which is travelling across Canada to teach schoolchildren to believe in the biggest lie in human history. Among other things, they want to make sure that children understand that “Hitler was the biggest bully in history”. Sometimes the most blatant bullshit can truly be ridiculous.

This “outreach and education centre” called “Tour for Humanity” (lovely name, isn’t it?) is a product of the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Holocaust Studies in Toronto. Simon Wiesenthal is of course one of the pillars of that most enormous hoax commonly called the Holocaust™. In other words, Simon Wiesenthal is one of the foremost liars and deceivers in the history of Holohoax promotion. And of course, the most excellent men in the minds of the jews are the best liars, deceivers, cheaters, traitors and crooks.

The recently increasing obsession with ensuring that everyone believes in the Holohoax – particularly when more and more people are lapsing from the Holohoax faith – is a sure sign that the whole thing is in fact an elaborate hoax. To the rational, intelligent man, the fervent desire to impose the Holohoax faith on as many people as possible is practically an obvious admission that the Holohoax is nothing but a total artifice that can’t possibly endure without constantly being imposed.

Of course, this is beside the fact that a plethora of evidence for the total falsehood of the Holohoax has existed – and has been known – for over 70 years. Good people like Ernst Zundel, Robert Faurisson and Ursula Haverbeck certainly didn’t have to invent anything (unlike their opponents) to show that the Holohoax is a monstrous invention.

Clearly, the jews are immensely interested in keeping the holy Holohoax lie going, and going, and going… And they will undoubtedly go to any lengths to make sure it does, as this news story shows. Verily, the zeal of the missionary knows no bounds when it comes to evangelism. And I should mention that the jews certainly do have very many demented goyim allies to faithfully help them spread the Holohoax Gospel.

By the way, I’ve noticed lately that the Winnipeg Free Press has been publishing a significant amount of pro-jewish news stories. Indeed, this is partly due to the fact that the jews have significantly increased their self-promotion recently, including a couple of highly publicized synagogue shootings in the United States. But the fact that the Winnipeg Free Press would so visibly go along with a decidedly pro-jewish agenda is enough to make a rational, intelligent man suspect that the Winnipeg Free Press may be under jewish control.

And another thing: anyone who fails to understand by now that Donald Trump is (and always has been) pro-jewish far more than anything else really isn’t very intelligent.



Jait Celtag

Ten months ago, I posted an article entitled “Sa Frenkish Spraaka” about a West Germanic language that I had (somewhat) developed. In that article, I mentioned a language called Danuvjâcon that I had worked on in my younger years. Danuvjâcon was supposed to be an approximation of an ancient Celtic language (particularly P-Celtic) i.e. something like Gaulish.

Well, a few weeks ago I started to create a new Celtic language. I call this one Celtag (or Jait Celtag), which simply means “Celtic” (“Celtic language”). By the way, when I say Celtic, I mean Celtic rather than Gaelic or Brittonic (i.e.Celtoid).

Celtag is meant to be a modern form of Gaulish. Creating a modern form of Gaulish of course requires one to properly understand what Gaulish was. As I insinuated above, Gaulish was neither Gaelic nor Brittonic. Gaulish was Celtic.

There are in fact four distinct language groups in what is often called “Celtic”. The first is Celtic properly speaking – the original Celtic language that developed in Central Europe during the Bronze Age; the other two, Gaelic and Brittonic, are derivatives of Celtic that developed among the Atlantic peoples during the Iron Age. I generally prefer to call these last two groups “Celtoid” (although Atlanto-Celtic is also good – this may be contrasted with Indo-European Celtic). (The fourth group is Celtiberian, which is apparently Celtic rather than Celtoid. As for Lepontic, I consider it Italic rather than Celtic, although strongly influenced by Celtic.)

I have become quite familiar with what is known about Gaulish from works by researchers like Pierre-Yves Lambert (“La langue gauloise”) and Xavier Delamarre (“Dictionnaire de la langue gauloise”). Such works constitute one resource that I’ve consulted. I haven’t acquired the “Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Celtic” by Ranko Matasović but many of those etymologies are found in Wiktionary which I’ve consulted extensively. I’ve also made much use of my Welsh and Old Irish reference materials (dictionaries and grammars).

I won’t go into detail about the phonological and morphological developments that I used in creating Celtag. But I will say that I considered the developments that eventually produced Old French at least as much as those that produced Welsh and Old Irish. The rationale behind this is that Old French is essentially the result of originally Gaulish speakers using a particularly Gaulish form of Latin (i.e. Gallo-Romance).

This being said, I did not extend these developments as far as the stage of Old French (e.g. drastic loss of most consonants causing extensive reduction of words) but restricted them to a Proto-Gallo-Romance stage, rather similar to what is found in Brittonic. In any case, I had no intention whatsoever of producing an Irish derivative of Gaulish.

In my honest opinion, using Irish linguistic developments as a basis for developing a modern Gaulish language makes as much sense as using English linguistic developments as a basis for developing a modern Gothic language, or Hebrew linguistic developments as a basis for developing a modern Akkadian language.

Celtag has no initial consonant mutations, nor does it have conjugated prepositions, these phenomena being exclusive to the Celtoid languages. Celtag also doesn’t have a suffix corresponding exactly to the *-āko– usually reconstructed for Proto-Celtic. Celtag has –ag from *-ako-. Cognates of this suffix in Latin (-icus), Germanic (-agaz, –igaz) and Greek (-ikos) have no long vowel, and even Old Irish –ach doesn’t have a long a . In my opinion, the long a is a particularly Brittonic development.

As for the VSO word order found in the Celtoid languages (a characteristic shared with Afro-Asiatic languages), Celtag is generally SVO but the verbs do have generalized suffixed pronouns. For example, beru-mi “I carry”, beris-tu “you carry”, but ben berit-si “a woman carries” and veru beront-i “men carry”. These last two examples are like saying “a woman, she carries” and “men, they carry” (a construction also found in the Canadian French that I speak – la femme a porte, les hommes i portent).

Much of the vocabulary of Celtag derives from words that are attested in Gaulish and that also have cognates among the Celtoid languages. There are also many words in Celtag that are derived from etymologies of words that are only found in the Celtoid languages but that could have existed in Gaulish.

On the other hand, Celtag has words like duitir “daughter” from the attested duxtir on the Plomb du Larzac which have no cognates whatsoever in the Celtoid languages. Also, seemingly regional semantic developments in the Celtoid languages have been avoided, such as Old Irish súil “eye” which is presumably derived from the Indo-European word for “sun” (Celtag has saule “sun” which has a cognate in Welsh haul).

Moreover, I’ve included some words in Celtag for which a Gaulish form is not attested and for which cognates are not found in Celtoid, but which are based on Proto-Indo-European words that have common reflexes in Italic and Germanic. An example of this is naz “nose” which is cognate with Latin naris and English nose; with the loss of –s– in Celtoid, this word would have been reduced to **na, an impossibly reduced word that likely would have been discarded in favor of other words (cf. Welsh trwyn & Old Irish srón).

One more thing: sometimes etymological research can lead to some interesting associations. The following is an entry from my Celtag wordlist with a particularly speculative etymological section:

moreen (moreena) : virgin [PC *morgeinā; W morwyn ‘maid, virgin; barmaid’; Lith mergaitė, mergina ‘girl, lass’; cf. PGmc *murginaz, murganaz > Eng morrow, morn > morning; cf. also OI morrígan – deformation of *morgían by association with rígan ‘queen’?; cf. also Lat virgō ‘virgin’ – taboo deformation of *morgō?] {The IE Dawn Goddess (Lat Aurora, Gmc Austrō, Lith Aušrinė, Gr Eōs, Ved Uṣas) is a Virgin Goddess}

“Hate Crimes”

Two months ago, I posted a highly satirical thing about a (ahem) “hate crime” that had allegedly been perpetrated on a local business owned by (((certain people))).

This particular (ahem) “hate crime” hasn’t been proven fake yet (at least, as far as I know). But much more recently, a much more blatant (ahem) “hate crime” was allegedly perpetrated on a local business also owned by (((certain people))).

Well, the local police have actually dared to allege that these (((certain people))) staged this particular (ahem) “hate crime”.

Incredible, isn’t it? To allege that (((certain people))) would actually fake (ahem) “hate crimes”. There’s just something… I dunno… blasphemous about that!

Andrew Anglin posted something about this on his Daily Stormer site today:

Canada: Jews Caught Staging Yet Another Fake Hate Crime

Of course, I perfectly agree with Mr. Anglin’s commentary on this story.

The most revolting part of this story is the fact that people categorically refuse to wake up to the true reality of these (ahem) “hate crimes” and the people who are responsible for them. Indeed, you just can’t fix stupid.

But I have to wonder: are these (((certain people))) really going to be made to suffer any unpleasant consequences for perpetrating this outright fraud? I highly doubt it.

In fact, I’d say that these (((certain people))) will probably get nothing more than the slightest slap on the wrist. And we’ll probably all be made to know about it through the media.

And that might very well be the intended message in this case…


Burning Churches

A few weeks ago, a spectacular fire caused much damage to the Church of Notre Dame de Paris. Everyone knows about it. Everyone also knows that it was (ahem) an “accident”.

What most people don’t know is that about a dozen churches in France have been subjected to intentional damage, not only by fire but also otherwise, in the past year.

A couple of questions: 1) how many of these targeted churches were ugly modern buildings rather than beautiful old buildings? 2) how many of these targeted churches belonged to denominations other than Roman Catholicism?

I haven’t looked into this (and I don’t intend to), but I have a strong suspicion that all of the targets of these malicious attacks were beautiful old traditional Roman Catholic churches.

Of course, Roman Catholicism has historically been the traditional religion of Western Europe, especially of France which has been called “la fille ainée de l’Église”.

Am I saying that these attacks are against European Tradition rather than against Christianity? Yes, absolutely. That is exactly what I am saying.

Let me state this clearly: anyone who mistakes these attacks on European Tradition for attacks on Christianity is a useful idiot.

Another angle that must be considered with respect to these vicious attacks is the fact that (((certain people))) are using these to foster increased tensions between traditional Europeans and the (ahem) “new Europeans” who tend to belong to a certain traditional religion of the Middle East.

Could it be that these attacks were perpetrated by these “new Europeans” of Middle Eastern and North African origins? I wonder…

By the way, the terrorist bombings in Sri Lanka on Easter were also attacks on European Tradition rather than on Christianity (three hotels were also targeted). The people who hate European Tradition will of course attack European Tradition outside of Europe as well as in Europe.

Another thing: when Hillary Clinton and “Barack Obama” called the victims of the Sri Lanka church bombings “Easter worshippers”, they were referencing the fact that Easter is fundamentally part of European Tradition rather than Christianity. Beings like Hillary Clinton and “Barack Obama” don’t hate Christianity; they hate European Tradition.

The fire at Notre Dame de Paris was certainly a spectacular event, almost on the level of the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York. It was more than just a tragedy; it was a sign, a foreboding sign indicating that the campaign to eradicate European Tradition has been kicked into high gear.


A Most Horrible Crime

Oy Vey! It happened again!

Calling a Jew a Jew is so very, very hateful. It’s so much worse than calling a faggot a faggot or a nigger a nigger. No Jew should ever be forced to put up with being called a Jew. It’s so very inhumane.

I can’t even imagine the sheer horror of a Jew seeing that someone other than himself has enough hatred to want to write the word “Jew” on his property.

This is unforgivable. The person responsible should be imprisoned for life. Better yet, that person should be beaten to death with menorahs.

How can anyone hate a people so perfectly lovely, so absolutely wonderful, so totally innocent of any wrongdoing whatsoever? Of course, this horrible hate-crime only proves that the Jews really are the Chosen People of God.

And of course, this can easily lead to six million Jews being bug-sprayed to death in badly-constructed buildings called “gas chambers”. And by the way, denying the Holocaust is something that only demonic, racist, Nazi asshole scum could ever do.

Seeing such stories about Jews being made to endure such brutal attacks just makes me want to cry. And it also makes me really, really mad. If our society can’t protect our precious Jews from such horrible assaults, our society is a total failure.

I think I’ll go visit my local synagogue to tell the Jews that I love them and to give them a big donation.

Changing Names

A few days ago, the following article appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press:

No surprise here. Mayor Bowman’s desire to eliminate the names of “historical figures once considered founding fathers but now seen through a modern lens as racists, scoundrels, con men and murderers” fits right in with the general trend in Canada and the United States.

Of course, all White founders and builders have always been “racists, scoundrels, con men and murderers” in the minds of modern Leftist revisionists. Such extreme and largely subjective accusations really are nothing more than a cover for the hurt feelings of inferior peoples and for their concomitant desire to claim everything that White people have created.

To put it simply, Mayor Bowman’s initiative is just another manifestation of resentful and spiteful anti-White sentiment.

The interesting thing is that I had been working on a list of place names that I would like to see changed, not only in Winnipeg but in all of Manitoba, just before this Free Press article appeared. Of course, my motivation for doing this is quite the opposite of that held by people like Mayor Bowman.

I happen to think that it wasn’t a good idea for the White founders and builders of Winnipeg and of Manitoba to adopt “Indigenous” place names. They obviously thought it wasn’t a problem. Maybe they even thought it might be nice to give the occasional nod to the “Indigenous” peoples; if so, their niceness was woefully misguided. The current tendency to erase the legacy of White people is at least partly a result of this fundamental error in judgement.

To me, it would be ideal if all place names in Winnipeg and in Manitoba were of European origin, especially British. In other words, I believe all places in Winnipeg and in Manitoba should have White names.

First of all, I would prefer changing the name of the province from Manitoba to Midland, due to the central position of the province within Canada (this being another name that should be changed, by the way).

As for the City of Winnipeg, I would favor reverting to the original name of the settlement: Fort Garry. It was only upon incorporation of the city in 1873 that the name Winnipeg was chosen to replace Fort Garry. Renaming the city Fort Garry would practically require the renaming of the part of the city which is called Fort Garry: this could become Richmond.

I am also personally in favor of changing place names that are overtly Christian, most of which have the prefix “St.” (or “Ste.”). (The reasons for this are abundantly explained in many of my past posts on this blog.) Most major parts of the City of Winnipeg have such names due to the fact that they were originally parish names. In my view, St. Boniface could become Berthier, St. Vital could become Champagne, St. James could become Elmdale and St. John’s could become Oakville.

As for the institutions in the City of Winnipeg, I would propose the following: the University of Manitoba could become Midland University, the University of Winnipeg could become the University of Fort Garry and the Université de St. Boniface could become Université de Berthier; St. Boniface Cathedral could become Berthier Cathedral; St. Boniface Hospital could become Berthier Hospital. Also, the Asper Clinical Research Institute could become the James Watson Clinical Research Institute, and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights would turn into the Midland Museum for European Culture.

As for roadways, Pembina Highway could become King Charles Highway, Chief Peguis Trail could become King William Highway, St. Mary’s Road could become King Louis Road, Ste. Anne’s Road could become King Henry Road, Queen Elizabeth Way could become King Alfred Way and Dakota Street could simply become an extension of Dunkirk Street.

Outside of Winnipeg, Neepawa could become Langford, Manitou could become Manchester, Minnedosa could become Birmingham, and East St. Paul and West St. Paul could become East York and West York.

Many French Canadian and Métis places were given the names of saints when their parishes were canonically erected; some of these places could revert to their original names. Ste. Anne could revert to Pointe des Chênes, St. Adolphe could revert to Pointe Coupée, Ste. Agathe could revert to Pointe-à-Grouette and St. François Xavier could revert to Grantown. Also, Notre Dame de Lourdes could become Bourges, Ste. Rose du Lac could become Rosalind and St. Georges could become Dover.

As for bodies of water and rivers, Lake Winnipeg could become Lake Scotia, Lake Manitoba could become Lake Cambria, Lake Winnipegosis could become Lake Hibernia, Assiniboine River could become White River and Winnipeg River could become Stony River.

This is only a small sample of place name changes that I would favor; my list has many more items on it. Of course, I wouldn’t care for renaming any place that already has a White name or is already named for a White man.

I have also started a list of place names throughout Canada that could be changed. It includes changing the name of Canada to Nordica, changing Toronto to York (the original name), changing Ottawa to Carleton (rather than the original Bytown), changing the St. Lawrence River to Laurentia River and changing the Saskatchewan River to Danuvia River.

The Kingdom of Canada

I have a dream…


The following points represent our intention to re-establish the Canadian State on the traditional principles upon which all genuinely great nations have always been founded.

– Immigration will be restricted to people of White European descent. People of Northwest European origin will be favored (English, German, Dutch, northern French). Genealogical and genetic documentation will be required to prove White European ancestry.
– Canada will actively encourage the immigration of White Americans, particularly those who wish to escape the American “melting pot”. Furthermore, the possibility of annexing certain American states will be considered, especially the New England states of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, the north central states of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana, and the state of Alaska.
– The Indigenous peoples will be recognized as protected peoples of Canada; they will not be considered citizens of Canada. Indigenous homelands under Canadian protection will be established (“protectorates”) instead of the current Indian Reserves. All existing treaties will be replaced by new treaties. The Indigenous peoples will be required to support themselves economically as well as culturally in their homelands.
– The Metis will generally be considered Indigenous peoples, but those whose Indigenous ancestry is less than one-eighth may choose to be considered White instead of Metis.
– All non-Whites, including their White spouses and mixed-race children, will be expelled, except for the Indigenous peoples of Canada. Arrangements will be made with non-White countries to encourage them to take their people back.
– All Jews will be denounced and expelled without exception. The constant activity of the Jews as the prime movers of all subversive movements and deviant influences will be clearly demonstrated. A program will be established to re-educate people about the true nature of the Jews; people who insist on maintaining pro-Jewish views despite these will be expelled.
– Every effort will be made to locate Jews who deceptively remain in Canada or who deceptively re-infiltrate Canada; these will be punished as criminals immediately upon discovery. People who are found to be providing any assistance to Jews, whether inside Canada or outside, will be punished as criminals.
– All illegal immigrants will be punished as criminals.
– Persons whose application to immigrate into Canada is accepted will begin a three-year residency during which periodic evaluations will be done in view of granting Citizenship. Residents who fail a periodic evaluation will lose their residency and be deported. Permanent residency will be terminated.
– Canada will not accept any refugees unless they are of White European origin (e.g. White Afrikaners from South Africa).
– The French Canadians and English Canadians will be officially recognized as the two founding peoples of Canada. The Indigenous peoples will be properly defined as being residents of the territory of Canada before Canada was founded.
– English and French will be retained as official languages of Canada. French will be recognized as the official language of Québec. English will be recognized as the official language in all other provinces and in the Northern Territory.
– Québec will be recognized as the homeland of the French-Canadian people.
– New Brunswick will be partitioned between Québec and Nova Scotia according to the settlement areas of the French and English populations. Prince Edward Island will be annexed to Nova Scotia.
– All portions of the three territories (Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut) which do not become part of Indigenous homelands will be merged into one Northern Territory.
– Linguistic minorities will no longer receive any government support. Anglophones in Québec and Francophones outside Québec will be required to support their own languages through their own communities.
– Canada’s membership in globalist institutions such as the United Nations, NATO and the Commonwealth will be terminated. Canada will continue to pursue bilateral agreements and membership in certain regional associations.
– Foreign aid to Third World countries will be terminated. Canada will require that Third World countries support themselves economically.
– Charities that collect funds in order to provide aid to Third World countries will be forbidden.
– A distinctly Canadian Monarchy separate from the British Monarchy will be established. This Monarchy could be elective rather than hereditary.
– The Head of State of the Kingdom of Canada will always be a man; no Queen will ever rule over the Kingdom of Canada.
– The offices of Governor General and of Lieutenant Governor will be abolished.
– The Parliamentary System will be retained with an appointed Senate and an elected House of Commons. Legislative functions will be performed by the Senate alone; the function of the House of Commons will be solely advisory. All members of the Senate and of the House of Commons will always be men.
– The Prime Minister and Cabinet will be appointed by the Monarch. These will not be members of the Senate or of the House of Commons. The Prime Minister and all members of Cabinet will always be men.
– Ottawa will remain the federal capital of Canada.
– The Constitution Act 1982 will be replaced by a new Constitution Act with a new Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
– The current Canadian Flag will be replaced by a new Canadian Flag.
– Serious consideration will be given to the possibility of replacing the name of the country (i.e. “Canada”), a name of Indigenous origin, with a name of European origin. The possibility of replacing territorial (provinces, counties), geographical (rivers, mountains, etc.) and place (cities, towns) names of Indigenous origin with names of European origin will also be considered, as well as the possibility of eliminating overtly Christian place names, especially names with “Saint” or “St.”, and place names of Hebrew origin.
– Efforts will be made to persuade people to stop using personal names of Hebrew origin, as well as other names with strong Christian connections (e.g. Luke, Mark, Paul). The use of names of Germanic origin, as well as names of Celtic, Roman and Greek origin, will be promoted.
– Qualifications for voting in addition to minimum age will be established, especially regarding mental aptitude and financial situation.
– Women’s Suffrage will be terminated. The right to vote may exceptionally be granted to unmarried women who display remarkable aptitudes.
– Feminism will be officially denounced. People who promote feminist views will be expelled.
– Legislation will be passed banning women from certain occupations (e.g. the military, the police, politics) and forbidding employers from hiring mothers.
– Economic policies will be implemented to encourage women to become good wives and mothers.
– Social assistance programs (“welfare”) will be eliminated. People will no longer be allowed to depend on handouts from the state. Economic incentives will be established to enable people to take care of their own families and friends.
– The elaboration and establishment of an exclusively White European Religion (“Aryan Religion”) will be officially supported. This Religion will consistently promote ideals and views that favor strength, health, beauty and intelligence. It will never cater to the resentment, envy and spite of the weak, the sick, the ugly and the stupid.
– The God of White European peoples will officially be recognized instead of the Universalist God of the Christians, Muslims and Globalists (aka Yahweh and Allah). The Universalist God will be denounced as the Deceiver (i.e. the Devil, aka “Lucifer” and “Satan”).
– The only form of Christianity that will be tolerated will be the Traditional European Christianity of the pre-modern era. Strict conditions will be placed on all Christian churches. Christians will no longer be allowed to preach the Leftist teachings contained in their scriptures. Churches that disseminate Leftist views will be eliminated.
– “Neo-pagan” organizations that promote Leftist views will not be tolerated.
– All “prophets” will be expelled.
– Foreign religions (Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, etc.) will be strictly forbidden.
– The traditional cultures of Northwest Europe will be officially supported. Other European cultures will be tolerated with restrictions. Non-European cultures will not be tolerated (except for Indigenous cultures in the Indigenous homelands).
– Subversive and degenerate forms of art and music will be forbidden.
– Traditional European courses and curricula will be restored in all educational institutions. All educational institutions will be required to promote the genuine superiority of White European Civilization over all other civilizations and cultures. Leftist activists will not be tolerated in educational institutions.
– Multiculturalism and globalism will be officially denounced. Organizations and institutions of a multicultural or globalist persuasion will be eliminated. People who maintain views in favor of multiculturalism and globalism will be expelled.
– The modern doctrine of “human rights” will be officially denounced as an unnatural, globalist concept.
– Subversive cultures and movements will not be tolerated, especially those of a Leftist persuasion.
– Freedom of speech will not be granted to subversives and degenerates.
– The Internet will be regulated. All content which is subversive or degenerate in nature will be blocked.
– Television and radio programming that includes subversive or degenerate content will not be allowed. The policies of the CBC will be totally overhauled in accordance with the policies of the new Canadian state.
– The official narrative of modern history (from the French Revolution to the present) will be replaced by a true account of modern history as revealed by various “dissident revisionists”. Among other things, the Holocaust will be denounced as a monumental hoax.
– All persons who are deemed to be guilty of having participated in various anti-traditional activities will be criminally prosecuted, including politicians, judges, journalists, professors, priests, businessmen, artists, etc.
– The promotion or celebration of people with disorders, such as Down’s Syndrome, will be forbidden.
– Persons with severe psychological and behavioral disorders will be removed from society and placed in special institutions.
– All forms of sexual deviance, including homosexuality, will be recognized as disorders. Transgenderism, pedophilia and bestiality will be recognized as severe disorders. The modern doctrine of “gay rights” (or “LGBT… rights”) will be officially denounced.
– Public displays of sexual deviance will be made illegal. All forms of pornography will be made illegal.
– Only marriage between a man and a woman will be legally recognized.
– Abortion will be made illegal.
– All forms of aggressive selling will be made illegal (e.g. telemarketing).
– The disruption of families and communities by business activity will effectively be countered through legal and economic means.
– The legalization of marijuana will be reversed.
– The death penalty will be restored for the most heinous crimes.

The Truth about the Beautiful People of Turtle Island

Once upon a time, all of Turtle Island was inhabited by beautiful people. In fact, the beautiful people of Turtle Island were the most beautiful people ever.

It was the Creator who decided to give all of Turtle Island to the beautiful people of Turtle Island and he solemnly decreed that they should have it forever. Of course, this fact overrules all legal treaties no matter what they really say, what they really mean, or how their “spirit and intent” may be imagined.

The beautiful people of Turtle Island were beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. Their whole lives were filled with nothing but peace, happiness and love. All the beautiful people of Turtle Island were special snowflakes.

The beautiful people of Turtle Island never made war against each other. They never even fought each other at all – ever. They were always hugging each other, kissing each other, fondling each other and having sex with each other.

The term “warriors” for the men of the beautiful people of Turtle Island is really a gross misinterpretation. If they were warriors at all, it was only in the way that those most beautiful, most wonderful and most peaceful Social Justice Warriors of today are warriors.

The beautiful people of Turtle Island simply never killed anyone or anything. They couldn’t even imagine killing for any reason. Whoever says otherwise is definitely a most abhorrent deceiver, and this can only be an evil White demon.

The notion that the beautiful people of Turtle Island were hunters is an evil fabrication produced by evil White demons to denigrate the beautiful people of Turtle Island. The beautiful people of Turtle Island certainly never ate any of their fellow creatures. In fact, all the beautiful people of Turtle Island were strict vegetarians. They only ate beans, maize, squash, tofu and soy.

There is no scientific evidence whatsoever that any of the beautiful people of Turtle Island ever did anything bad to anyone or anything at all before the evil White demons came. Rigorous scientific research by hundreds of university-educated people over the past several decades has never produced even the slightest suggestion that the beautiful people of Turtle Island were ever anything but the most beautiful, most peaceful and most lovely people in the entire history of the World.

Throughout Turtle Island, before the evil White demons arrived, there was always singing, playing and dancing. The beautiful people of Turtle Island hardly knew how to do anything else. And they liked it that way. This of course is why the beautiful people of Turtle Island have the moral high ground over all other peoples (except perhaps the jews).

Compared to the beautiful people of Turtle Island, the American hippies of the 1960’s were nothing but pathetic, deluded posers. The beautiful people of Turtle Island understood what Peace really meant, and what it really meant to “Make love not war”.

Some say that Jesus learned everything he taught from the beautiful people of Turtle Island, but this isn’t necessarily so because the jews are just as beautiful as the beautiful people of Turtle Island, maybe even more so.

Life was perfectly beautiful in all of Turtle Island in those days. But then the evil White demons came and ruined everything for the beautiful people of Turtle Island. Anyone who fails to understand this properly is a racist Nazi asshole who deserves to be beaten to death.

When the evil White demons arrived, they began to infect the minds of the beautiful people of Turtle Island with their demonic concepts. One of these demonic concepts was the demonic concept of competition, introduced largely through the fur trade. (Note that the beautiful people of Turtle Island never actually wore animal skins and furs because this would have required killing creatures.)

The beautiful people of Turtle Island didn’t even have a word for “competition” in their languages. They simply had never conceived of the evil idea of competing against anyone. The demonic effects of competition, like hurt feelings, were truly unthinkable things that their most beautifully pure souls couldn’t even imagine.

As some among the beautiful people of Turtle Island became infected by the evil White demons with the demonic virus of competition, rivalries began among the beautiful people of Turtle Island. Soon, these rivalries developed into war and the beautiful people of Turtle Island started to slaughter each other. It is a scientific fact that all inter-tribal warfare among the beautiful people of Turtle Island only started after the evil White demons came.

But even worse than the outbreak of warfare and slaughter was the fact that some of the beautiful people of Turtle Island began to gain the demonic understanding that competition led to progress. Once this demonic understanding possessed one of the beautiful people of Turtle Island, that one’s beauty died forever.

Along with their demonic concepts, the evil White demons also introduced the practice of killing and eating living creatures to the beautiful people of Turtle Island, as well as the practice of drinking alcohol. In fact, the evil White demons forced the beautiful people of Turtle Island to eat killed animals, to wear the skins and furs of killed animals and to drink copious amounts of alcohol. This is officially documented fact which has repeatedly been demonstrated by countless university-educated authorities.

As the beautiful people of Turtle Island became increasingly corrupt and degenerate because of the influences of the evil White demons, the Creator became profoundly grieved. But since the Creator could do absolutely nothing about it, he only cried a lot. Therefore, rain started to fall on Turtle Island. Rain had never fallen on Turtle Island before the evil White demons came because Turtle Island didn’t need rain. Of course, this rain caused much damage to the environment; many ecosystems were irreparably damaged forever.

Eventually, the evil White demons started thinking about killing off all the beautiful people of Turtle Island and stealing all their lands. Some among the evil White demons even said that their evil God wanted them to “exterminate all the heathen savages”. Fortunately, the less demonic among the evil White demons prevailed over the others to kill only some of the beautiful people of Turtle Island and to force the rest into concentration camps which they euphemistically called “reservations” or “reserves”.

The next phase in the genocidal plan of the evil White demons was to try to turn the children of the beautiful people of Turtle Island into evil White demons through residential schools. Thankfully enough, the evil White demons never even came close to achieving this with respect to most of their victims. No matter how much the evil White demons tried to prove that racial differences don’t really exist, the beautiful people of Turtle Island consistently proved them wrong.

Although not yet proven by scientific investigations, the presence of gas chambers and crematoria near most residential schools is unanimously considered by modern university-educated authorities to be most likely.

Now in these modern times, the most beautiful people of Turtle Island are in a most deplorable condition. Those who still live in the concentration camps are miserable and desperate, and so are most of those who live in the cities of the evil White demons. But most deplorable by far is the fact that those who live just like the evil White demons in the ways of the world that the evil White demons created are happy and comfortable.

This is the truth about the beautiful people of Turtle Island as it has been scientifically ascertained and verified by all modern university-educated authorities and approved by all modern democratically-elected governments. The scientific consensus on this is indisputable. Questioning any of this should certainly be considered a hate-crime.

De Incredibile Lithuaniae Gloria

I just had a look at the Wikipedia article on Lithuania. It features a map of medieval Lithuania showing its remarkable territorial growth from the 13th to 15th centuries. The map has the following caption underneath it:

Changes in the territory of Lithuania from the 13th to 15th century. At its peak, Lithuania was the largest state in Europe. Lithuania’s strength was its toleration of various cultures and religions.

The last sentence in this caption could hardly be truer. The history of Lithuania abundantly bears this out.

Greek and Roman writers in Antiquity often described the Lithuanians as the “foremost of all peoples” due to their tolerance and inclusive nature, and they frequently referred to the opinion commonly held in ancient times that the Lithuanians would someday rule the entire world because of their insuperable tolerance and inclusive nature. Even Aristotle surmised in his famous Politics that the Lithuanians were bound to create the most perfect empire in all world history through the sheer power of their tolerance and inclusive nature.

It is common knowledge that the remarkable expansion of the tolerant and inclusive Lithuanian state in the 13th to 15th centuries resulted in the most excellent realm that the world had ever seen. Moreover, it is well known that it was merely the prelude to the tolerant and inclusive conquest of the entire world by Lithuania in subsequent eras. The tolerant and inclusive essence of Lithuania’s gradual domination of all humanity hardly needs to be demonstrated. But a few of the high points of tolerant and inclusive Lithuania’s meteoric rise to universal supremacy may be briefly mentioned.

The real emergence of Lithuania as the world’s foremost superpower obviously coincides with its tolerant and inclusive conquest of Poland in the 16th century. The Poles were quite happy to relinquish their national sovereignty in the face of the unquestionably superior tolerance and inclusive nature of the Lithuanians. To this day, the Polish subjects of the Lithuanian Empire agree that there was no way that they could ever have resisted the formidable tolerance and inclusive nature of the incomparably tolerant and inclusive Lithuanian race.

The tolerant and inclusive supremacy of the Lithuanians was further demonstrated in the 18th century when the most tolerant and inclusive Empire of the Lithuanian peoples decisively defeated the combined forces of Prussia, Austria and Russia. The defeat of these once-proud nations was inarguably due to the incredibly powerful tolerance and inclusive nature of the Lithuanian Empire – a fact that no serious historian would ever question.

As everyone knows, the undisputed hegemony of the Lithuanian Empire over the entire world in the modern era is a direct result of the concerted application of the irresistible tolerance and inclusivity of the Lithuanian forces during World War I and World War II. The German Reich and the Soviet Union both fell swiftly to Lithuanian tolerance and inclusion. The British and the French were simply no match for the overwhelming tolerance and inclusion of the Lithuanian Superpower. After quickly subduing all of Europe with its relentlessly tolerant and inclusive assaults, it was a relatively easy task for the tolerant and inclusive Lithuanians to extend their domination over every part of the earth. Not even the Americans were able to successfully defend themselves against the tolerance and inclusive nature of the fearsome Lithuanian Empire.

As I mentioned, these are only a few of the highlights of the Universal Victory of Lithuanian tolerance and inclusivity. Countless books have been written that describe exactly how the tolerance and inclusive nature of the Lithuanian people were the fundamental reasons for the Conquest of the World by the most tolerant and inclusive Lithuanian Empire. The fact that Lithuania’s strength has always been its toleration of various cultures and religions is therefore perfectly indisputable.