Fundamental Christianity vs. Traditional European “Christianity”

I have pointed out the differences between Fundamental (or Primitive) Christianity and Traditional European “Christianity” numerous times in past articles. But due to a continuing inability to distinguish between these two among racially-aware Europeans (some of whom may only be posing as racially-aware Europeans, for all I know), further emphasis on the essential differences between these two is not at all unnecessary.

I have also repeatedly pointed out the essentially identical positions of Fundamental Christianity and Modern Leftism. Stressing this essential solidarity of Modern Leftism with the ideals of Fundamental Christianity is also not unnecessary, but this article will deal largely with the differences between Fundamental Christianity and Traditional European “Christianity”.

Fundamental Christianity, as represented chiefly by the Christian New Testament, arose among disaffected and resentful Jews. Its ideals are aimed squarely against all traditional cultural, social and philosophical concepts. Traditional European “Christianity”, on the other hand, is largely a continuation of Traditional European cultural, social and philosophical concepts behind a rather superficial “Christian” appearance.

Fundamental Christianity fully encourages and enables the modern concepts of equality, tolerance and multiculturalism, just as modern Leftism does. The clear evidence for this exists in all modern Christian churches as well as the Christian New Testament. Traditional European “Christianity”, on the other hand, has historically tended to oppose these fundamentally Christian and modern concepts, which is why no part of Europe ever came close to becoming anything like a modern liberal democracy before the Modern Era.

Some will point out that socialist and communist regimes usually try to ban or eliminate Christianity. Here we see the sheer inability to differentiate between Fundamental Christianity and Traditional European “Christianity”. The “Christianity” that Socialists and Communists always attack is not Fundamental Christianity but Traditional European “Christianity”. This essentially means that the target of socialist and communist persecution is not in fact Christianity but European Tradition.

It should be observed that the current Pope is both a Christian in the truly fundamental sense and a Communist sympathizer (if not simply a Communist), and that he is in both ways an enemy of European Tradition. The current Pope strives to maintain the best relations with all religious and racial groups – with one clear exception: Traditional Europeans.

I’ve pointed out in a past article that the vile Femen whores will never act against any modern liberal Christian group; their targets always belong to Traditional European “Christianity”, including Traditional Catholicism and Traditional Orthodoxy. Also interesting is that the vile Femen whores never target synagogues or mosques. Here again, the target of the vile Femen whores is not Christianity but European Tradition.

Some will also point out that Eastern European states where Christianity is still strong are most opposed to the concepts of modern Leftism. Here too, the distinction must be made between Fundamental Christianity and Traditional European “Christianity”. The Eastern European “Christians” are still, by and large, Traditional European “Christians” rather than Fundamental Christians, by which one should understand that they are mostly Traditional Europeans rather than Fundamental Christians.

Traditional European “Christianity” has generally been beneficial for European peoples inasmuch as it has served as the vehicle for the preservation and continued development of European Tradition. On the other hand, the ideals of Fundamental Christianity have always been squarely opposed to European Tradition, and they have clearly proven to be severely detrimental to European Tradition since the resurgence of these ideals during the Enlightenment. Therefore, recognizing and acknowledging the clear distinction between Fundamental Christianity and Traditional European “Christianity” is, I believe, crucially important for the preservation and defense of European peoples.



Thoughts on the Leftist Disorder

The leftist is a spoiled brat with sophistication. Through decades of intellectual machination, leftists have created mentally elevated ways of expressing their core sentiment which is essentially “I wanna, I wanna, I wanna! Waaaaaaah!” Indeed, the basic motive of leftist intellectualism consists of giving intellectual justifications for mindless sentimental concerns, including equality, charity and love. (By contrast, the basic motive of rightist intellectualism consists of giving intellectual justifications for selfish materialistic concerns, such as slavery, usury and money.)

When the leftist says that everything should be a certain way, what he really should be saying is that he wants everything to be a certain way. Of course, the leftist’s view of the way things should be disregards the way things really should be according to the way things really work for that which is really best. And that which is really best consists of strength, health, beauty and intelligence. These are in fact the ideals of advanced life, and as such they must be actively sought through work and struggle. By contrast, the characteristics of degeneracy which are weakness, disease, ugliness and stupidity are usually the result of avoiding the work and struggle that life naturally requires.

The fundamental reality of life in this world is struggle. The leftist can’t accept that. He wants to eliminate struggle altogether. If the leftist had his way, no one would ever do anything unless it was pleasant and happy and fun. Unfortunately, life is not all about what is pleasant and happy and fun. It’s really about working and striving and fighting. It’s not at all difficult to understand – at least for those who think with their minds rather than their emotions – that if the leftist had his way, the entire human world would swiftly descend into a most desperately hellish state.

Inasmuch as he disregards the way things really work in reality, the leftist profoundly despises reality. And the more the leftist despises reality, the more he’ll try to change the way things naturally are into a kindler, gentler alternate reality – an unreal theoretical reality that ultimately includes everything that is unnatural and abnormal, including everything from egalitarianism and multiculturalism to the transgender psychosis.

You may be familiar with the notion of the lion laying down with the lamb (this being a misquote of two verses in the Jewish book of Isaiah). You may also have seen videos and pictures on the Internet of creatures that naturally are mortal enemies hanging out peacefully together. You should bear in mind that these creatures have grown up and live in the profoundly unnatural and largely unreal environment of modern civilization. And you might also consider the fact that this environment is coming quite close to producing the acceptance of bestiality and pedophilia.

Believing that everything should be lovely and wonderful and beautiful in the world is Jewish and Christian fantasizing gone amok. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the fundamental worldview of the Leftist does not differ substantially from the fundamental worldview of the Christian. Both groups wish to elevate the weak, the sick, the ugly and the stupid above their natural levels. And both groups also share a (not-so-)secret resentful desire to see the strong, the healthy, the beautiful and the intelligent brought down. Ideally, both groups would like to see everyone conformed to a senseless and worthless mediocrity.

Leftist Idealism, like the Christian Idealism that it springs from, is at once a terrible sentimental disorder and a horrible mental disease. This more than anything else has caused the insanity and wickedness of this modern world to wax ever greater. And the fact that it is profoundly rooted in Jewish thinking should not be disregarded.


A Different “Holy Week”

Every myth and legend that has ever existed has been subject to various modifications and transformations over time. This is an entirely normal and natural process, and the fact that certain religious myths have been unnaturally fixed as if they were factual history is a truly shameful thing.

Given that the Christian Gospel is really a total fabrication, I see no good reason not to create an alternative version of the mythical “Holy Week”. My version is based largely on the Gospel accounts but is admittedly rather unorthodox (to put it mildly).

Preliminary Events

The Great Deceiver is covertly set up by the Dooja as a means of secretly undermining the government of the Great King. They create an elaborately miraculous background for him based on their own myths and legends, hoping that this will help him attract large numbers of people.

Over a three-year period, the Dooja covertly support and facilitate all the Great Deceiver’s activities, including much deception, illusion and false propaganda. The Great Deceiver’s pronouncements appeal specially to degenerates, deviants and perverts who become his most steadfast followers.

But one of the followers of the Great Deceiver is in fact the Good Informant, a trusted servant of the Great King’s government who introduced himself into the Great Deceiver’s following from the beginning.

The Dooja eventually decide to try setting up their Great Deceiver as a “Holy King” in opposition to the Great King, thinking that in this capacity he would certainly serve them well as their puppet.

“Palm Sunday”

With the covert support of the Dooja, the Great Deceiver enters the city with his followers, who boldly claim that he is a “Holy King” and a “Savior”. The Great Deceiver publicly denounces the Great King and his Council, claiming that they are enemies of peace, freedom and love, and promises that his rule will be a “Kingdom of Heaven”.

“Holy/Spy Wednesday”

The Good Informant meets with the Great King in the morning to help arrange for the eventual arrest of the Great Deceiver, providing the Great King with information about the Great Deceiver’s covert activities. Later in the afternoon, the Great King and his Council resolve to arrest and try the Great Deceiver.

“Holy/Maundy Thursday”

The Great Deceiver is arrested in the pre-dawn hours by a unit of the Great King’s soldiers while participating in a drunken orgy with his followers (the orgy prominently featuring sodomy and pedophilia). The Good Informant who is with the soldiers points out the Great Deceiver by spitting in his face. The Great Deceiver’s lieutenant tries to strike the Good Informant but is floored by the fist of one of the Great King’s soldiers.

That afternoon, the Great Deceiver is brought before the Great King and his Council. The Great Deceiver vainly tries to seduce the Great King and his Council with his mawkish arguments of peace, freedom and love. The Great King and his Council unanimously convict the Great Deceiver of blasphemy, heresy and perversion. The Great Deceiver is sentenced to torture unto death.

That evening, the Dooja meet to lament the fact that their figurehead has been apprehended and sentenced to death, and to plan their response.

“Good Friday”

Early in the morning, the Great Deceiver is publicly subjected to his sentence. He is beaten and tortured by the Great King’s soldiers until sunset. His horrified followers watch helplessly from a distance, weeping and wailing. Meanwhile, the good people rejoice at the righteous punishment of the Great Deceiver and praise their Great King and his Council.

That afternoon, a delegation of the Dooja meets with the Great King and his Council to try to save their front man. Despite all the sophisticated and specious arguments of the Dooja delegation, the Great King and his Council flatly turn down their request to release the Great Deceiver.

That evening, the Dooja decide to covertly launch a propaganda campaign to portray their stooge as a saintly victim of the Great King’s “authoritarian” government. They covertly instruct the Great Deceiver’s lieutenant to start using this propaganda scheme.

“Holy Saturday”

The Great Deceiver is publicly beaten and tortured for a second full day by the Great King’s soldiers. His horrified followers continue to watch on helplessly. The good people continue to rejoice, praising their Great King and his Council and thanking God.

In the afternoon, the Great Deceiver’s lieutenant begins to chant the propaganda that the Dooja had instructed him to use. Within an hour, he is arrested by the Great King’s soldiers, causing the Great Deceiver’s followers to disperse. The Great Deceiver’s lieutenant is beaten by the Great King’s soldiers. He eventually agrees to publicly denounce the Great Deceiver. He hangs himself after his subsequent release.

During the night, the Great Deceiver finally dies, succumbing at last to two full days of beatings and torture.

“Easter Sunday”

Soon after dawn, the Great King and his Council officially declare the demise of the Great Deceiver. They praise God for the glorious victory of true righteousness over wicked deception and perversion, and decree that that day should become an annual day of holy thanksgiving from then on. The Great King also mentions that the Good Informant has been appointed as the Kingdom’s new Minister of Finance.

The followers – now in hiding – are utterly devastated by this news. The good people rejoice even more, praising their Great King and his Council and thanking God.

The Great Deceiver’s body is thrown into a refuse pit to the great satisfaction of the good people.

After sunset that evening, the followers covertly steal the Great Deceiver’s body and bring it with them to secretly worship it as a holy relic.


Upon learning about the followers’ theft of the Great Deceiver’s body, the Dooja secretly advise them to announce the miraculous resurrection of their leader. Following this announcement, the Dooja publicly denounce the Great Deceiver to cover for themselves. Among other things, the Dooja introduce the claim that the Great Deceiver had called himself their king, but that they had refused to acknowledge him as such. They even go so far as to insist that the Great Deceiver had always been their adversary.

Upon hearing the announcement of the Great Deceiver’s alleged resurrection, the Great King and his Council resolve to exterminate all the Great Deceiver’s followers, thereby putting an end to their hideous madness once and for all. Although a few followers manage to escape to distant countries, most are successfully apprehended and promptly eliminated. Within a few months, the Great Deceiver’s followers are totally eradicated from the Kingdom.

During the efforts to exterminate the Great Deceiver’s followers, the full extent of the covert support that the Dooja had given to the Great Deceiver gradually becomes known to the Great King and his Council (even despite the efforts of the Dooja to cover for themselves). The Great King and his Council unanimously resolve to deal with the Dooja as well as the Great Deceiver’s followers.


In quite a number of articles on this blog, I have pointed to the Jews as being responsible for much of the ills and woes that have beset White societies in modern times. I’m certainly not the only one to do this; in fact, more and more people are doing this all the time (much to the chagrin of groups like the ADL and SPLC). There is certainly no lack of genuine information that proves that Jews have had a decidedly anti-White agenda for a long time. But if you don’t believe this about the Jews, and won’t take the time to consider all of the factual evidence that supports this, the Jews certainly do love you. Good goy!

It should be mentioned, though, that not all Jews are guilty of actively participating in the moral and ethical destruction of White societies. And it is not only Jews who are guilty of this because a large number of (twisted) Whites have actively collaborated with the Jews to bring about the moral and ethical destruction of White societies.

But the fact remains that an egregiously large number of Jews have always been at the forefront of all efforts to pervert, undermine and destroy the Traditional fabric of White societies. As I mentioned in my previous article, they have done this under many different guises – as Communists, anarchists, feminists, homosexuals, social activists, entertainers, intellectuals, scientists, journalists, businessmen and politicians.

Why would the Jews want to destroy White societies, you ask? Although the superficial reason is so that they might control White societies, and the world by extension (in which they have largely succeeded, unfortunately), the fundamental reason is quite simply because the Jews have always resented and envied better societies, including White societies over all other societies.

By the way, the Jews’ historical tendency to isolate themselves from the communities that they infested is typical of people who are spiteful, resentful and envious. It is also typical of people who are perverse and subversive. Clearly related to this is the megalomaniacal Jewish belief (delusion) that Jews are the Chosen People of God over and above all other peoples.

The Jewish mind is obviously a psychopathic mind. But this doesn’t seem obvious because of the Jews’ consummate mastery of lying, deception and dissimulation. No nation has ever excelled at sweet-talk and double-speak like the Jews.

Yet, the Jews have never been very good at hiding their deep grudges against all other people. The Tanakh consists largely of Jews whining about their perceived mistreatment at the hands of other peoples. “Other people are always so mean to us! They’re always trying to hurt us! Why do they hate us so much? Waaaaaaaaaaah!!!” Well, what kind of treatment should an arrogant jerk expect?

Evidently, somewhere between the Hellenistic and Roman eras, the Jews decided that they would focus their resentful spite particularly against White people. Certainly by the time their last failed revolt was put down by Roman troops (the Bar Kokhba revolt in 132-136 AD), the Jews had resolved to get back at all White people… somehow. Because they couldn’t carry out any direct actions against their enemies, they chose to use their skills as liars, cheaters and deceivers instead.

Their first big initiative against White people consisted of the creation of a new religion intended especially for White people, something called Christianity. Although this subversive religion gained some traction in the second and third centuries, it was eventually transformed into a much less subversive – and rather more totalitarian – religion between its official toleration in 313 AD by Constantine I and its adoption as the official religion of the Roman Empire under Theodosius I.

I’ve written enough about the true essential history and nature of Christianity in numerous articles. Back to the Jews…

I wrote above that “not all Jews are guilty of actively participating in the moral and ethical destruction of White societies”. More generally, not all Jews are guilty of acting like typical Jews, i.e. striving for gain by lying, cheating and deceiving others. But the aggravated envy, resentment and spite of the Jews are clearly and abundantly manifest in the Jewish scriptures, including the Tanakh as well as the Talmud, and these are truly expressions of the fundamental Jewish mind.

All Jews, whether religious or secular, are directly exposed from birth to the idea that Jews have always been a persecuted people, and that they are therefore justified in being wicked (overtly if possible, but usually covertly) towards other people. This notion that Jews have a God-given right to get back at other people is in fact the basis of the Jewish mindset. This being said, it follows that all Jews may in fact collectively be considered guilty of the moral and ethical destruction of White societies.

Some might think that I would like to see a Holocaust of the Jews (not a second Holocaust because the so-called Holocaust during World War II is a gigantic hoax). But no, I have no desire to see Jews being bug-sprayed to death by the billions, or being turned into lampshades or soap. I just wish that the Jews could stop being Jews somehow, but I guess that’s like asking rats to stop being rats, cockroaches to stop being cockroaches, maggots to stop being maggots…


It’s the Muslims, stupid!

Over the past few years, the number of Muslims that I’ve had to deal with at my job – both as co-workers and as clients – has steadily increased. Most of these come from former French colonies in Africa, such as Algeria, Morocco, Senegal and Mali – some of them are Arabs and the others are Blacks. Perhaps I could mention that I don’t mind working with these people but I generally avoid socializing with them outside of work. I do prefer to associate with my own kind.

So far, I’ve never had any problems with these Muslim immigrants as Muslims (but I have had problems with them inasmuch as they tend to have Third-World work habits and mindsets). That is to say that none of them has ever given me any of the grief that a Muslim might cause to a non-Muslim infidel. This could be for a number of reasons: maybe their imams have instructed them to be nice until numbers of Muslims are sufficient enough to safely initiate hostilities; maybe I’m imposing enough in terms of appearance and demeanor that Muslims are simply afraid to mess with me; maybe these Muslims are actually good Muslims (as opposed to all of the bad Muslims who rape and kill in the name of Allah).

That being said, it is clear that Islam has a pronounced tendency to produce a significant number of really wicked people, including the many who will kill innocent people with bombs, trucks and (presumably) airplanes, as well as the many who will beat and rape (or “groom”, if you prefer) hundreds of teenage White girls. Certainly, the Quran and other Islamic scriptures do indeed encourage Muslims to be less than nice to infidels (of course, the Tanakh and other Jewish scriptures such as the Talmud are no better).

Many individuals and groups apparently believe that Islam is the worst thing ever, even worse than evil Nazis who kill billions of poor little Jews with bug spray. On the other hand, there are other individuals and groups who apparently believe that Islam should be regarded as a beautiful, loving, tolerant and wonderful religion, a religion of peace, of understanding, of compassion…

If I had to give an opinion on Muslims generally, I would have to say that most Muslims seem like genuinely good people (even despite the fact that they’re Muslims) but that a lot of Muslims are obviously bad, really bad.

Over the past year or so, the current Liberal (mis)government of Canada, led by that most deplorable super-goof Justin Trudeau, has bent over (not necessarily backwards) to put Muslims in the best possible position in the Canadian family. Presumably to combat “Islamophobia”, a ‘National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia’ is apparently about to be voted on in the House of Commons. This follows the passage of a motion in the House of Commons a year ago – M-103 – which is also meant to combat “Islamophobia”.

Some people apparently worry that these pro-Muslim initiatives will mean a reduction in freedom of speech. Certainly, the consequences of these initiatives will necessarily include a reduced freedom to speak out against evils perpetrated by Muslims. But the more disconcerting aspect of this for some is that Islam is being singled out for special treatment; one might even talk of Islam being given a special status, one that no other religion has. Apparently, even some Christian churches don’t see a problem with this. Go figure…

Which actually brings me to the reason I started this rant today.

I received an e-mail as a member of a mailing list this morning notifying everyone that the Liberal (mis)government had moved the date of the vote on the ‘National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia’ forward to March 21, 2018, presumably because they are ‘facing a large public outcry’ (really?). Here is part of the text in this notification:

“Canadians have gone out of their way for years to welcome immigrants More specifically, in 2017 alone, we welcomed over 50,000 Syrians and a great many other immigrants including Yazidi, many with the assistance of private citizens. And we have helped integrate them into our society – take a look at how many different ethnic groups you see on the buses, the subway, supermarkets, parks.

We are not hateful racists and our government should not be stigmatizing us with this label. But, we are against having a day which singles out only one ethnic group for a day of recognition when there are other groups with much higher statistical rates of discrimination: Christians, the Black community, the gay LGBT community and the Jewish community…”

This person really makes a point of saying that Canadians are welcoming and tolerant people who should take in anyone and everyone regardless of race and ethnicity – something that I categorically disagree with. Then, the fact that one “ethnic group” (Islam is an ethnic group?) is singled out for recognition is denounced along with the mention that other groups don’t have such recognition.

What really made me give my head a shake was the last two groups mentioned. This person is suggesting that a community that openly promotes its diseased and perverse “lifestyle” deserves to be recognized as much as Muslims, and that a community which has always been at the forefront of undermining the Traditional values of Western societies (as Communists, anarchists, feminists, social activists, entertainers, journalists, intellectuals, businessmen, politicians, etc.) should also be recognized along with Muslims. Of course, both of these groups already have plenty of recognition in modern liberal democratic countries (unfortunately).

At the bottom of the e-mail is an ad for the screening of a documentary called “The Fight of our Lives” by a group called ‘Speakers Action Group’ – a group “dedicated to fighting antisemitism and promoting tolerance and understanding through cross-cultural education”. Below the title is the phrase “Freedom, Democracy and Western civilization are at stake!” – a typical urgency-inducing phrase.

At the bottom of the ad is a list of ‘Community Supporters’ including:

  • B’nai Brith Canada
  • International Christian Embassy Jerusalem
  • The Canada-Israel Friendship Association
  • Muslims Facing Tomorrow
  • Friends of Jesus Christ, Canada
  • The Canadian Council for Human Rights in North Korea
  • Israel Activist Alliance
  • Hasbara Fellowships Canada
  • Canadian Friends of Bar-Ilan University
  • The Mozuud Freedom Foundation
  • Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights

The overwhelming preponderance of Jewish groups is remarkable, yet not surprising. Of course, this is all supposed to make me think that Jews are the good guys who want to make everything right in the world. Sure…

For me, this only reinforces what I wrote the other day in connection to the Telford child rape scandal ( the fact that White societies have largely lost their Traditional moral and ethical bearings and are thus in full freefall as far as morality and ethics are concerned. White people will obsess fanatically about some form of the “Muslim threat” while at the same time celebrating the sick perverts and Jews who are constantly undermining their societies. Which essentially means that Whites are dreadfully afraid of being killed by Muslims or being legally prosecuted for speaking against Muslims but, at the same time, are completely oblivious as to the real causes of the moral and ethical collapse of their societies.

Observations on the present situation of the White Race

You may be familiar with the saying that one should not throw out the baby with the bathwater. It means that one should not discard or reject what is important or valuable along with that which has become unimportant or worthless.

I fully agree with this saying. But what if the bathwater isn’t really bathwater? What if the bathwater is really a deadly stew of toxins, poisons and filth? And what if the baby has been soaking in this for a very long time (say for two hundred years or so)?

If such is the case, it is quite likely that the baby is well beyond any possibility of saving it. It may well be best to put it out of its misery…

Efforts on the part of advocates for the White Race to ensure its continued existence are sometimes reminiscent of a scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

This scene features two knights in battle. One of the knights manages to chop off both arms of his opponent. Nonetheless, the armless knight insists on continuing to fight, asserting that he is still fully able to win the battle.

In this scenario, reattaching the arms is not a realistic option. And there’s no chance of new arms growing out. Maybe some state-of-the-art prosthetic arms could be surgically attached?

Or perhaps the arms are really just tied behind the knight’s back…(?)

When I read Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy a couple of years ago, I realized that the Elves may be interpreted as representing the White Race. [It is well worth noting that the English word elf is ultimately derived (through Old English ælf and Proto-Germanic *albiz) from Proto-Indo-European *h₂elbʰós “white”, another reflex of this being Latin albus.]

The Elves in Lord of the Rings are superior beings with a superior civilization but for some reason they are declining and their time is running out. Realizing this, the Elves have accepted it and are prepared to cede the world to all of the more inferior races, such as the Humans, Hobbits and Dwarves.

Tolkien probably understood that the White Race was already in decline during his own lifetime and that it was ultimately doomed, especially as a result of the two World Wars and their aftermath. Also, I think it may not be irrelevant to mention here that Tolkien was a devout Roman Catholic.

Advocates of the White Race sometimes express the hope (wish?) that a global cataclysm might somehow occur in the near future (perhaps à la Book of Revelation), one that would be both advantageous to the White Race and detrimental to other races.

But there is the possibility that such a cataclysm might in fact be engineered by the (((enemies of the White Race))) (cf. the Great Depression and “9-11”, among others), in which case the cataclysm would be designed to ultimately benefit (((them))) and could only mean “Game Over” for the White Race.

By the way, I think it should be borne in mind that the Book of Revelation expresses a fundamentally Jewish vision.

Okay, enough pessimism. Have a nice day!


Yet another instance of the massive abuse (aka “grooming”) of White girls by Pakistani Muslims was revealed recently in the British town of Telford. I think I can safely assume that this hasn’t been reported much (if at all) in the mainstream news (the BBC obviously excepted) – I wouldn’t know because I hardly watch or read any mainstream news, mostly just the two local newspaper websites. Apart from that, I don’t visit “alternative” news sites much either, but I do visit daily.

There is undoubtedly a very serious problem with “grooming” gangs in Britain. These happen to be composed almost entirely of Pakistani Muslims, a fact that can’t possibly be irrelevant. Telford is only the latest such “grooming” scandal to come to light in recent years, after Rotherham and Newcastle (among others).

A gang of Pakistani Muslims having their way with hundreds of underage girls is certainly a hideous crime. And there is certainly a very shameful lack of justice on the part of the British authorities who seem to be reluctant to properly address this recurring issue for some odd reason. But there is one very important, even fundamental, aspect of such child abuse scandals that is simply not being addressed in any way whatsoever: a total lack of moral and ethical discretion on the part of the girls themselves.

Good people who still have common sense know that most modern White teenagers are – to put it succinctly – fucked up. Of course, this is not entirely the teenagers’ fault because it was the responsibility of their parents to make sure that they were raised properly. Clearly, the parents of these abused young girls, like most White parents in our modern liberal democracies, completely failed to inculcate in their children the right moral and ethical values that would save them from many ills, errors and wrongs. (I discussed this problem in

(Of course, the blame doesn’t lie ultimately with the parents, but with (((certain sweet-talkers with big ideas))).]

These young girls, like most White girls in modern liberal democracies, were always told as they grew up that they should accept everyone no matter what their race or religion. This means that they were never prepared to think that Pakistani Muslims might want to do them serious harm. If these girls had been raised properly, they would have been taught to avoid Pakistani Muslims along with other potentially dangerous foreign groups. The saying “better safe than sorry” applies here.

Also, these young girls, like most White girls in modern liberal democracies, were made to understand as they grew up that having fun was practically the most important thing in life. It seems to be beyond dispute that these girls became involved with these “grooming” gangs because they wanted to drink, do drugs and have sex. If these girls had been raised properly, they never would have gotten sucked into any association with people who offered them alcohol, drugs and sex. Again, “better safe than sorry”.

The simple reality here is that people who discriminate properly are usually able to save themselves from all kinds of ills, errors and wrongs. People who are never taught to discriminate properly, and who are even prohibited from doing so, will certainly fall into every conceivable kind of trouble.

The root of the problem with these “grooming” scandals is not that Pakistani Muslims are evil child rapists, or that the British authorities are reluctant to deal with these crimes as they should (for some reason), but that White people have largely lost (or, have been led to give up) their Traditional moral and ethical bearings. The real underlying issue with these “grooming” scandals is that White societies have been rapidly disintegrating for a long time, and continue to do so with no end in sight.

Because White societies are in a progressive freefall with respect to Traditional morality and ethics, White children in modern liberal democracies are being denied the rearing and the protection that would usually keep them out of trouble and are thus practically being set up to become victims of every conceivable evil. Likewise, it is because White societies are in a progressive freefall with respect to Traditional morality and ethics that child-raping Muslims have been allowed to settle in Britain (not to mention the similar situations in France, Germany, Sweden and other Western European nations), and it is because White societies are in a progressive freefall with respect to Traditional morality and ethics that irresponsible and incompetent weasels largely occupy positions of authority in Britain and other Western European states (not to mention the demonic psychopaths who give the weasels their orders).

It would be good if all non-White-British groups could be expelled from Britain (although that probably won’t happen). It would also be good if the present incompetent and deficient authorities could be replaced with competent and efficient authorities (although that probably won’t happen either). These two actions (if they could happen) would go a long way to addressing the “grooming” problem properly and completely. But at least as important is the fact that parents would have to take the responsibility for making sure that their children are being properly raised and protected according to Traditional norms; although this definitely can’t happen, this would be the only real way to ensure the true safety of children (by the way, “true safety” does not include the liberal ideal of providing a safe environment for going wrong).

The Devil and the Christian

Once upon a time, there was a Jesus-loving Christian who believed that he could turn everyone in the world into Jesus-loving Christians simply by treating them with kindness, compassion, tolerance and love.

The Christian was walking down the road one day, whistling happily as he thought about everything that he could do to disadvantage himself for the love of Jesus. The Devil saw him and decided to have some fun with him.

The Devil put on the guise of a vicious ruffian and appeared before the Christian. The Christian said, “Why hello there!” The Devil disguised as a ruffian responded with “Give me all your money!” The Christian said, “Of course I’ll give you all my money. But why do you need it?” The Devil replied, “I don’t need it. I just want it. Besides, I hate you and want to cause you grief.” The Christian said, “Oh, dear friend. I don’t think you should be so hateful. You should be loving and kind like I am.” Then the Christian put on a sweet smile and said, “I love you and I want you to be saved in the name of Jesus. So, here’s all my money, and may Jesus bless you.”

The Christian walked away, whistling happily, and the Devil laughed.

That night, as the Christian reflected on his meeting with the ruffian, he began to cry. Between his sobs, he prayed, “My dearest Jesus, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity today to lay up treasures in heaven. I love you, Jesus.”

The next day, the Christian was walking down the same road. The Devil appeared to him again, this time as a Black man. The Christian said, “Why hello there!” The Devil disguised as a Black man responded with “Yo dawg, I think you should gib me all yo money.” The Christian said, “Of course I’ll give you all my money. But why do you need it?” The Devil replied, “I’m so po cuz I ain’t got no work. All cuz of slavery and White privilege and sheeit.” The Christian said, “Oh, dear friend. I totally understand you. We Whites have always been such cruel people. I honestly believe that Black people should be given everything they want simply because they’re Black people. And when I think of the millions of Black children in America who are murdered by Whites every year…” Then the Christian put on a sweet smile and said, “But I love you and I want you to be saved in the name of Jesus. So, here’s all my money, and may Jesus bless you.”

The Christian walked away, whistling happily, and the Devil laughed.

That night, as the Christian reflected on his meeting with the Black man, he began to cry. Between his sobs, he prayed, “My dearest Jesus, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity today to lay up treasures in heaven. I love you, Jesus.”

The next day, the Christian was walking down the same road. The Devil appeared to him again, this time as a Syrian refugee. The Christian said, “Why hello there!” The Devil disguised as a Syrian refugee responded with “Excuse me sir, could you give me all of your money?” The Christian said, “Of course I’ll give you all my money. But why do you need it?” The Devil replied, “Because I’m a Syrian refugee and I have nothing. I had to escape from my homeland because of that evil tyrant Bashar al-Assad. You should know that he’s as bad as Hitler!” The Christian said, “Oh, dear friend. I have indeed heard about all the massacres that that wicked man has inflicted on your precious people, and about the millions of children that he has ruthlessly slaughtered. If only your president could be a good, Christian president like all of our American presidents.” Then the Christian put on a sweet smile and said, “I love you and I want you to be saved in the name of Jesus. So, here’s all my money, and may Jesus bless you.”

The Christian walked away, whistling happily, and the Devil laughed.

That night, as the Christian reflected on his meeting with the Syrian refugee, he began to cry. Between his sobs, he prayed, “My dearest Jesus, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity today to lay up treasures in heaven. I love you, Jesus.”

The next day, the Christian was walking down the same road. The Devil appeared to him again, this time as a Native American. The Christian said, “Why hello there!” The Devil disguised as a Native American responded with “Hey brother. As a White man, you owe me reparations, so why don’t you give me all your money?” The Christian said, “Of course I’ll give you all my money. But what do you mean by reparations?” The Devil replied, “I’m a Native American. Your ancestors stole all of the lands of my ancestors, and ever since my people have been forced to live in misery on Reservations which aren’t really different from concentration camps.” The Christian said, “Oh, dear friend. You’re absolutely right! We Whites are very, very guilty people! Oh, how I wish that we could give all these lands back to your people along with a few hundreds of billions of dollars in reparations. That would be true justice!” Then the Christian put on a sweet smile and said, “I love you and I want you to be saved in the name of Jesus. So, here’s all my money, and may Jesus bless you.”

The Christian walked away, whistling happily, and the Devil laughed.

That night, as the Christian reflected on his meeting with the Native American, he began to cry. Between his sobs, he prayed, “My dearest Jesus, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity today to lay up treasures in heaven. I love you, Jesus.”

The next day, the Christian was walking down the same road. The Devil appeared to him again, this time as a whore. The Christian said, “Why hello there!” The Devil disguised as a whore responded with “How would you like to have some fun, handsome?” The Christian turned beet-red and started to shake uncontrollably. “I… I don’t think I should do that”, he stuttered. “Why not?” asked the Devil. The Christian replied, “Because I love Jesus and it would grieve him if I did that.” “Oh… I see…” said the Devil. The Christian said, “I might suggest that you should get some counselling, perhaps with a good Christian counselor. And maybe you could find a better line of work – there are some excellent Christian employment agencies.” The Devil replied with a smirk, “So you’re not interested at all?” Then the Christian put on a sweet smile and said, “Oh, dear friend. I love you and I want you to be saved in the name of Jesus. So, here’s all my money, and may Jesus bless you.”

The Christian walked away, whistling happily, and the Devil laughed.

That night, as the Christian reflected on his meeting with the whore, he began to cry. Between his sobs, he prayed, “My dearest Jesus, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity today to lay up treasures in heaven. I love you, Jesus.”

The next day, the Christian was walking down the same road. The Devil appeared to him again, this time as a Jew. The Christian said, “Why hello there!” The Devil disguised as a Jew responded with “Shalom, my good friend!” The Christian said, “Are you a Jew? Oh, joy! One of the Chosen Ones! Oh, happy day!” The Devil replied, “Yes, you’re right. I am one of the Chosen People of God, one of those who are loved by God above all other people. May God bless you for recognizing that and for showing me such kindness.” The Christian then said excitedly, “I know all about the Holocaust, in which 6 million of the most beautiful people in the world were gassed to death in evil Nazi death camps, and I’m aware of every other instance throughout history of bad people persecuting you wonderful Jews simply because they resent the fact that you are the Chosen People of God” “God bless you indeed, good man!” exclaimed the Jew. The Christian smiled and bowed his head, saying, “Thank you.” After a moment, the Jew added with a wink, “Of course, God will bless you even more if you give me all your money and… maybe let me sleep with your wife?” At that, the Christian’s eyes lit up and an even bigger smile appeared on his face, and he gleefully said, “Oh, dearest friend. I love you so very, very much! Here’s all my money and I promise to give you much more on a regular basis from now on. And I’m sure my wife would be perfectly thrilled to be enjoyed by a Chosen One! May God bless you mightily!”

The Christian then danced away, singing joyfully, and the Devil laughed.

That night, as the Christian reflected on his meeting with the Jew, he began to cry. Between his sobs, he prayed, “My dearest Jesus, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity today to lay up treasures in heaven. I feel so very, very blessed to have encountered that beautiful Chosen One today, that blessed man from that best of nations that you yourself belonged to when you walked on this earth. I love you so much, Jesus.”

The next day, the Christian was walking down the same road. This time, the Devil decided to appear to the Christian under his own guise by which he is known as “Lucifer”. When the Devil as Lucifer appeared before the Christian, the Christian exclaimed, “My Lord! Jesus, my Lord!” The Christian immediately burst into tears and fell to his knees, with his arms stretched out towards the Devil. The Devil said to the Christian, “My dear one, I have seen how you have honored my Name over the past few days. I particularly noticed how you outdid yourself in the beautiful kindness that you showered upon that most-beloved Jew yesterday. You are truly an exemplary Christian. Be assured that your reward in heaven shall be very great.” “Th… thank y… you, Jesus!” the Christian blubbered. The Devil spoke again to the Christian, saying “You shall surely have peace and prosperity for the rest of your days in this world. Go with my blessing.” The Christian cried, “Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus! I love you, Jesus!” Then the Devil disappeared.

The Christian slowly got up and stood there for a long time, with tears still falling down his cheeks and a sweet smile on his face, staring at the spot where his beloved Lord had stood. Then at length he started to walk away, humming one of his favorite Church hymns.

That night, as the Christian reflected on his meeting with Jesus, he began to cry uncontrollably like never before. Between his many sobs, he managed to pray, “My dearest Jesus, thank you so very, very much for giving me the opportunity today to see you as you truly are. I will never forget this day for as long as I live, and I promise to try to be an even better Christian than before. I truly, truly love you, Jesus.”

At this point, the Devil had had quite enough fun, so he decided to leave the Christian alone from then on. The Devil called up to God, “Hey God!” God replied, “Hey Devil!” The Devil asked God, “Did you see what I was doing with that stupid Christian this week?” “I certainly did!” God replied. The Devil then asked with a smirk, “Would you mind if I brought that stupid Christian down here when he dies?” To which God replied, “You joker! I wouldn’t mind in the least! There’s certainly no place in heaven for a pathetic, deluded loser like that Christian. Of course, you know that only those who can recognize that which is truly good and truly right, and who live truly good and truly right lives accordingly, have a place up here with me. I couldn’t care less about idiotic suckers who believe in inane fantasies and absurd delusions, and who practically waste their lives because of sentimental disorders such as pathological altruism. So that Christian is definitely all yours.” “Good”, replied the Devil.

Then God said, “Have a nice day.” And the Devil replied, “No way!” And they both laughed.



Good Old Billy Beal

There was an interesting article in the Winnipeg Free Press recently:

It’s the story of an American Black man called Billy Beal who settled in the Swan River region of Manitoba in 1906.

On the surface, this story seems to bolster the claim that multiculturalism is the best thing ever (and don’t you dare doubt it!), and that’s undoubtedly the reason that this story was printed. But a little thinking allows one to realize that this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, this story supports the policy of multiculturalism only if extraordinary exceptions make the rule.

By the way, has anyone else noticed that exceptional cases are routinely used to promote liberal ideals and to support liberal policies? And how many of these exceptional cases are artificially manufactured nowadays? Anyway…

Judging from the article, Billy Beal was evidently a very exceptional person. He was extraordinarily intelligent and gifted – something especially extraordinary considering that he was Black. Yes, I just wrote that.

The excellent legacy that Billy Beal left behind in the Swan River region clearly indicates that Billy Beal was able to relate remarkably well with a community consisting exclusively of White people. This obviously means that Billy Beal quite consciously wished to conform to the standards of White society and was fully able to do this. In this modern age, Billy Beal might very well be accused of “acting White”.

Contrast this with the situation in the modern liberal democracies of the Western World, in which Whites are increasingly required to conform to the standards of the thousands of non-Whites that infest their communities (whether native-born or immigrant). This of course is leading to a gradual reduction of the social, ethical and moral standards of White people to non-White levels.

Billy Beal’s decision to live far away from all other Black people suggests that Billy Beal would rather not live in a community of Black people (the article mentions that a fair number of American Blacks settled in the Edmonton area). It is not difficult to guess the likely reason for Billy Beal’s decision to live in an all-White community: as an exceptionally gifted Black man, Billy Beal simply didn’t like Black people very much.

Billy Beal knew full well that he was not like other Black people. He didn’t identify with them. He didn’t quite relate to them. He was not at all on their level. Clearly, he was on the level of White people.

No, I’m not saying that all White people are gifted – saying that would be patently false. The White race has produced an amazing number of geniuses – this is an undeniable fact – but it’s quite clear to me that the White race also has its fair share of idiots. And yet, people in Traditional White societies are generally more familiar with higher social, ethical and moral standards than people in non-White societies. Only the exceptionally gifted individuals in non-White societies (i.e. people who tend to “act White”) can truly appreciate the more elevated quality of Traditional White societies, and these individuals are generally attracted to this. Such is the case with Billy Beal.

It’s interesting to note that Billy Beal never married and had no children. I won’t speculate as to why that is, but I do think it was a wise decision. And all things considered, I must say that Billy Beal was one truly admirable fellow. But he’s definitely not a poster boy for multiculturalism.